Role: Lead Designer

Tanjarine was a tabletop tablet available in casual dining restaurants where users could browse the menu, order food and drink, play games, and call for their server. Users and restaurant owners identified the ability for diners to make payments on the tablet as an important part of the dining experience. I was asked to create a payment experience within the tabletop.


Accommodating Many Requirements

A lot of requirements came with the implementation of this feature. From an experience perspective, this feature needed to be seamless with already existing features within the tablet. Utilizing the already existing design system helped with implementing the feature while also creating the flexibility to allow restaurant branding to shine. In addition, restaurant owners wanted the ability to add additional features such as a customer experience survey and the option to collect diner email addresses for marketing purposes.

One of the biggest challenges to implementing the payment feature was understanding how the feature’s backend technology interacted with the restaurants’ point of sales (POS) systems. I worked closely with my engineering team to understand how to create the API and what information we would receive that could be shown to the user. This collaboration was especially helpful as we were building out our wireframes.

Validating the concept with Users

With the tablet being a new concept that spanned a large user base, we wanted to make sure users felt comfortable with using the tablet to make a payment on their check. In order to capture a wide range of users, we tested a workable prototype linked to a POS system (Micros) in both California and Illinois because we thought the locations would provide information on a diverse group of users.

Next Steps

Upon testing the prototype in California and Illinois, both sets of users found that paying on the tablet was simple. We took this information and integrated the feature into other restaurants on different POS systems before the company folded in early 2015.