Oh, hello there...


Oh, hello there...

My name is Diana Reed. I am an Experience Designer living in San Francisco Bay Area. I've work with startups and corporations building out products and experiences. Currently, I'm a UX Designer on the Identity team for eBay.

With over 10 years of professional experience and skills, I create interfaces that are clean, simple, and user friendly. At the heart of great design is a keen awareness of the user's experience. Anticipating needs and proactively solving potential problems ensures an enjoyable user experience. This philosophy, coupled with an understanding of business goals serves as the guiding principles behind the work I produce.

When I am not building a product, you can find me teaching my newborn a new trick, expanding my record collection, lifting heavy things, cooking up something amazing in my kitchen, or enjoying a good comic book or novel with a glass of wine or whiskey (neat please)